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Etiquette question

There's a group of 4 of us. A and B are closer, and C and D are closer within the group, but everyone is good friends and goes back 7+ years.

I want to ask them all to be in my wedding, however I want one to be (co) maid of honor with another (separate, E) friend of mine. Do I ask everyone privately, or can I do it as a group?

I like the idea of getting some wine labels on Etsy (that say will you be my bridesmaid etc) and gluing them on some bottles since we all love wine.

I'm asking because I don't see them individually very often. We e-mail/text all the time, but get together monthly for dinners. Everyone is just so busy and we each live 1- 1.5 hours apart. I can always mail them a card to individually ask them, too.

I don't know! Sometimes the 'closer' friend and I will get a drink before our monthly dinners - maybe I could ask her then? Idk. Maybe I'm overthinking this, since one will be on a different "level" than the others or whatever.

Side note - is it weird to have 2 matrons of honors? TBH I am doing it because:
-I can't pick between them
-It kind of sucks sometimes to be MOH and at least the duties would be split
-One is planning a wedding of her own and lives out of state and I don't want to overwhelm her

Thanks! I'm not very bride-y. I know there's wedding communities, but this is more active and has a wider variety of people.

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