Harikari (hari_kari) wrote in thequestionclub,



The 1st of this month I started renting a condo. I paid the October rent and a deposit. I stayed in the condo for only a few nights, but for various reasons didn't like it and decided to leave. I've informed the lady - left a message on her phone. She never sent me the month to month lease that she promised she would, has been showing the condo much more frequently than she said she would (I'm no longer there but I receive a call when they go into the condo to look at it), and she hasn't gotten back to me about my message.

Where I live I'm pretty sure it's the law that you have to inform landlords 30 days in advance that you're moving. Which I did. But I'm wondering if I'm obligated to pay November or if the deposit I gave her (same price as the rent) would be sufficient since I was only there three nights and did no damage and since she never sent me a lease outlining the terms of the deposit. What should I do? Tell her I'm counting the deposit as the November rent and give her back the key? Or pay the full November rent?
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