* (erroroperator) wrote in thequestionclub,

Your class that meets once a week is cancelled due to illness, but you have a paper due.

Do you assume your paper still needs to be handed in (either via email or in the professor's mailbox)?

His email was very short and didn't touch on the subject of the papers. He doesn't have a policy in place for this. I'm leaning towards "no, hand it in next time the class meets." I feel like he would have given us instructions on how he wanted our papers handed in if he wanted us to do so in his absence. I emailed him right after I received his email, but I doubt he'll get back to me before tomorrow.

Edit: He just got back to the class and said it's due the 28th. Fantastic!

Since that's out of the way, let's try something new: What are you most excited for this upcoming week? What are you least excited for?
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