I am what I am and you can't do anything about it (shiori_hime) wrote in thequestionclub,
I am what I am and you can't do anything about it

Travel time!

I've been feeling the need to expand my travel horizons lately. TQC, help me decide on places I should consider visiting in the future!

1) What are some really cool places you have visited (for any and all values of "cool")?

2) How about places you would never go back to again? Why don't you want to go back?

3) If someone was going to visit your area (for any and all values of "your area"), what would you suggest that they see, do, eat, avoid, etc?

4) What is someplace you really want to visit, and why?

1) Japan in general is pretty cool. I love the culture in Kyoto in particular. I've been to some interesting places in Ireland, including the inside of Newgrange (not on the solstice, sadly) and the backside of one of the Aran Islands where tourists almost never go (I also climbed on top of Conor's Fort on Inis Meain, which in hindsight may not have been the brightest idea for many reasons, but I was younger and more foolish than I am now and to be honest it was pretty damn awesome up there).

2) So far I've been lucky. I can't really think of a place I would never ever go back to. There are places that are low on my priority list for return visits, like the Aomori area, but that's more because I have other things I want to do before I start repeating certain things than because I had a bad experience or something.

3) My home area (I'm from northern New York) is super outdoorsy. If you like nature-based activities or outdoor sports, you'll be pretty happy here.

4) I've been really fascinated with Iceland lately for some reason and now I'm dying to go. I would also really like to visit China and South Korea someday, especially since China is the last place on my original travel bucket list that I have yet to visit. I want to go back to Budapest sometime too. I was there for about four days once but most of that time was taken up with attending a conference. I got to see just enough of the city to see that it's a beautiful place, but not enough to feel like I learned much or got to take much in, and since there was no time for shopping I don't have any souvenirs except my small album of photos.
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