A (feathersgirl) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I really am not a dog person at all. We have three cats and i love them to death but my husband really wanted a dog as he's never had one before. I had one growing up and i loved her but other peoples dogs.. not so much. Anyways, we went to the humane society yesterday and found a dog who was abused and had puncture wounds all over her back. It was so bad she had to have surgery and i just fell in love the minute we saw her. We adopted her and brought her home and every thing has been pretty good!
Today we left her at home while we were working and she didn't go to the bathroom inside at all. We took her for a walk when we got home and nothing but we weren't concerned because she hadn't eaten since we got her. They said she might not because of the stress and medicine she was taking. So we ran to the store and when we got home she had peed on the floor. No big deal at all to me but when we walked in the house she freaked out and was cowering in fear, crying, and trying to hide from me behind my husband. I felt so bad because she was so scared. I tried to pet her and love on her so she would know I wasn't mad but ever since then she's kind of avoiding me and when i'm around she walks with her tail between her legs. I know that it'll probably just take time and lots of love for her to feel comfortable but is there anything I can do to make her not scared of me?

What kind of food do you feed your dog?

Any tips for new dog owners?
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