You can't have sex with "I love you" (isitirony) wrote in thequestionclub,
You can't have sex with "I love you"

In regards to a long term M/F relationship, what is your opinion on one of them being attracted to someone of the same sex?

Would you consider it the same as if they were to have a crush on the opposite sex?

Do you have any advice for me?

Edit: I'm not saying because she's a woman makes it any more right or wrong. Just wanted to see personal opinions. I appreciate the feedback, especially because this is new territory for me.

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years. I love him with all my heart.

I have a huge crush on a lesbian at work, and I know it's mutual. I have always been interested in experiencing another woman. And the more I can't have it, the more I want it.

I told my boyfriend, because we were in a rough patch and this crush was starting to lead me in the wrong direction. I was honest and said that I am attracted to her, and he said he thinks it would be the same as if he told me he had a crush on a girl at work.

I understand where he's coming from, but that's where we disagree. If he were to tell me he was attracted to a man and wanted to experience that, I would be quite turned on. (Of course, I can never really know that for sure. I'm sure I would still be jealous as hell.)

The more I think about it, I wonder if there is something lacking all together which is causing me to be interested in someone else. Past experience has proven this which is why I ended my last two long term relationships....

She's soft and she smells nice............... My will power is deteriorating. And it's leaving me confused and crushed because I don't want to do something bad and break his heart, and it's not like he's just going to up and give me permission. But what is it about our relationship that's leading me astray?

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