Ashley (kitegirl24) wrote in thequestionclub,

So every day when I leave the office, I notice that I'm f'ing STARVING. Like, completely irritable and weak kinda starving. Apparently the combination of lack of appetite, and getting wrapped up in my work, prevents me from getting enough calories throughout the day. I do take a 30 minute lunch break where all I focus on is eating, but due to the lack of appetite I probably don't get enough at lunch half the time... and then when I do remember to snack, it doesn't fill me up because I just can't be bothered to keep chewing and swallowing when I could be getting other stuff done.

So TQC, do you have any suggestions for how I can remember to eat? Do you have any ideas on snacks I can stock up on that will help me get more calories down in less time?? Help plz. I need to not want to kill my BF and dogs when I get home from the office :(

I'm sure a google search would get me some ideas on this, and I have plenty of knowledge of what kinds of snacks tend to be high calorie... mostly just looking for all the ideas I can get and any success stories you might have to help make me believe that I can change this bad habit.

DK/DC/How can you forget to eat?: What do you do for a living? What's your dream job?
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