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Learning a new language

Okay so my background is: English is practically my first language. I grew up with both Cantonese and Mandarin and I did Japanese in high school/university.

I've been curious to learn another European language (French was what I wanted to do but my junior high school made it compulsory to learn Japanese, which led to my continuation of it in high school).

But now, my mother says after watching many documentaries/news about Germany, she thinks their technology is really cool and "GERMAN IS THE WAY TO GO FOR THE FUTURE~!!!!" if I really wanted to learn another European language. Her other belief is that France is deteriorating in power etc but I'm not sure about if that's true or if she's just been watching too many German based shows.

So, my question is, what is your opinion (disregarding Chinese, please)? If one were to learn a language for the future that would benefit widely in a more global sense (or just impress more people, up to you), what language would it be? And why?

And if this is to fast track yourself? (ie not learning a language because you love it but learning it because you think it will help you more in career or life)?

Edited to add on a completely different topic
I'm currently living in HK, doing an exchange programme. Is there anyone here who is also currently living in HK who wants to be friends with me in real life? We could have fun dates with each other or something. I actually know nothing about HK and buses freak me the fuck out. I promise I'm not a serial killer.
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