Nynaeve Sedai (nynaeve_sedai) wrote in thequestionclub,
Nynaeve Sedai

Homemade Gifts

This year for Christmas, since money is tight, I would like to do some inexpensive homemade gifts for my family. They don't live nearby so I have to ship everything, so that's a consideration. I can't sew (more on that in a minute).

I found Homemade Bath Salts and Homemade Brownie Mix

What other ideas would you suggest? Ideally they need to be somewhat inexpensive, able to be shipped, and not require hours upon hours (see: baby). Links are a plus! :D

Also, I'd like to learn how to sew. I have basic skills but I don't even own a sewing machine and I don't want to make that kind of investment until I know I'd be willing to stick with it (sewing machines look so complicated, I had one once and I broke it). Do I try to find a second hand machine and just go for it? Are there online classes? Thoughts?

DK/DC/Not-a-domestic-diva -  Is there a food you're borderline addicted to? I go through 12 boxes of chocolate Chex a month. Just me. Alone. :P I eat a bowl for breakfast, snack on it during the day, and then eat a bowl at night. Yes, I know, that's a lot of Chex.
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