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Weird PM on dating site

I split up with my boyfriend last month and yesterday felt it was the right time to start looking for someone else, so I joined a dating site. I haven't had much correspondence yet... and then I get THIS gem:

I'll bold the stuff that really makes my eyes roll.

Sweet baby,

I'm contacting you for the proposal of a matrimonial engagement,
abroad. Today, at 38 years old, we already can move into
an acquired new detached house, in a paradise looking island
with a virgin beach in front of us without missing anything vital
& having what we need for our regular expenses in our quoti,dian (a what?),
not needing to work for the rest of our days on earth.
Going to a deserted insular beach or deserted insular river (insular?)
or to the house of relatives for diner & making love all life
long day & night will be "our life"
. Naturally, we'd have
to entertain ourselves by textual chat, email & then
by telephone before your departure, during 2
to 4 months, the time to familiarize each other,
but pretending that we should know each other
after that period & that it takes time can have
various significations. For people without
serious intentions, it's generally a way of
killing time without the moral motivation
of desiring a stable sentimental existence,
in their actual life, & i will not entertain that
form of affective negligence & indirect responses
that deliberately imply an evident lack of
determination through infantile ne gativism. (This whole entire paragraph is just big word after big word after big word...)
Only respond if you're determined & accept
my proposal. The life i can share with you,
is my life, and not a mode of seduction but
it can be a plus to live a more exciting &
joyous life. It's part of my solicitude that
comes naturally, in the name of love. So all
this naturally has no meaning nor sense without
common love, devotion & adoration. But it's also
a question of determination & moral ability
to take serious life engagements & love
devotedly & productively.

It's a serious proposal .. .

Warm kisses to your forehead, hands & angelic soles.

PS: Some short minded ppl can waste my time & confirm
me their immaturity in the art of considering sexuality
which is a vital physiological need for every adult
in couple or not as a pejorativ,e expression & aggression &
at their own disadvantage. & in that specific case
& at their age, they need to consult .. . so i invite
you to not even bother responding if the subject
frustrates you as well.

also, I'd like to be clear on that point: i have no time; to entertain
aimless virtual boredom with inbreds, nor interest in:

& vanity .. .

Which will be ignored straight away unless you ignore yourself
& filter me if you wish to follow their infantile philosophy,
& that will save me time & prevent immature aimless
virtual boredom without consistence & aim .. .

We'd be traveling, waking up anytime & smiling
& laughing & going to the beach together till
our last days.

Ps: i'll exclusively respond by eMail if you're determined only .. .
& not to aimless indirect replies, here.

[email address]


This has to be a joke. Right?

Spam? Genuine? What do you think? I'm not going to reply as I just find the whole thing ludacrous. What would you think if you were sent a PM like this on a dating site?

EDIT:He created a new account and sent me the same message after I blocked him. I sent him a reply saying "Please do not contact me again". I don't know if it's the same person or just some viral spam thing going around. I'm hoping it's the latter, however annoying that might be.
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