That Damn Broad (thatdamnbroad) wrote in thequestionclub,
That Damn Broad

(Possibly Boring) Real Estate Question

We have lived in this neighborhood 19 years. When we bought this house, it had been on the market 2 days, and didn't even have a "For Sale" sign in front of it. Our realtor told us that this was an extremely stable, settled neighborhood and that on the rare occasion that a house went up for sale here, it was generally snapped up very quickly. People simply did not move out of here. So we made an offer, and moved in.

What our realtor said was true - we NEVER saw For Sale signs, our neighbors stayed and stayed and stayed. Fast forward to now.

All of a sudden we are seeing empty houses around here. Lots of them. Lots of For Sale signs. Even a couple houses boarded up. What do these people know that I don't know? Should I call a realtor? Our mortgage is SO low (we refinanced about 2-3 years ago) - we have a small house with a huge yard, which we recently put a 5' fence all the way around for our two dogs. We feel very settled here (although I have always dreamed of buying a place way out in the country, with a little bit of land and a barn, etc). But what is going on with this neighborhood? Any ideas?
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