The New Bubble Girl (banyangirl1832) wrote in thequestionclub,
The New Bubble Girl

Hey TQC - another cat question, sorry!

Kitty's eye (which was irritated on Monday night) was all better by Tuesday. No vet needed! But he's doing this weird behavioral thing now where essentially, unless you pick him up and take him someplace, he won't leave the kitchen table except to eat. He spent all night in my room last night with me and seemed happy in there, but as soon as I got up to feed him breakfast, he ate his wet food and went right up onto the table, and hasn't left all day as far as I know. This includes going to the litter box - I cleaned it out before I went to work this morning (around 10) and now its after 8 and it is still completely unused. I don't know how much he's been drinking, but I just gave him some milk, which he seemed happy to drink, and of course his wet food (both for breakfast and dinner) has liquids in it. I even just tried to physically put him in the litter box, but he immediately leapt out and went back to the table. If he hasn't done any business by tomorrow night, I'll be taking him to the vet on Saturday, but he is eating and drinking, and he's not "going" on the table from what I can see. He did this for a few days last year, too, but went right back to his usual habits after. So strange! Does anyone else's cat do this?
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