jailhouseturkey (jailhouseturkey) wrote in thequestionclub,

i was driving home from visiting my folks in canberra and i was about an hour out of newcastle on the freeway and a cop stopped me and told me my registration had been cancelled because of an unpaid parking ticket. he told me i had to stop where i was. this was at 6:15pm on sunday night. i called my parents in canberra freaking out and they called my aunt in newcastle who said she would come pick me up, but then my phone died. the sun went down and my aunt couldn't find me, at 11:30pm i started trying to flag down cars and finally one stopped and a lovely couple got out, let me call my parents who called my aunt and the couple drove me home and my aunt met us there. worst night ever :(

everyone keeps saying it was unsafe for the cop to leave me where he did, that he should have escorted me to a servo or at least a lit area or somewhere there was a phone or a light or SOMETHING. they want to report him or make a complaint or something.

is there any way we can find him? find out who he was or anything? this was in nSw.

(okay so maybe not worst night ever but it was pretty scary!)

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