Kelly (kelj99) wrote in thequestionclub,


I'm looking for a place to host my son's 3rd birthday.  My house will technically be fine but I will have JUST had a baby AND hosted my immediate family for Christmas so I'm trying to not expose what will probably already be a huge mess to everyone else.  I was hoping for near free but if the place is really awesome, I'd pay a little to reserve it.

I first checked into the clubhouse for my community.  We have HOA dues that pays for it plus our playground and pool.  Damn thing has a $30 "processing fee", a $75 nonrefundable cleaning fee (even though the contract explicitly states I have to take care of my own crap), AND a $200 deposit (which will be returned to me after a walk through).  So I'm out $105 for a small air conditioned building that I already pay annual dues for.  Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else?

So.  The real question is, if I'm going to spend $105 just for a space anyway, can you help me think of some more fun places where I might be able to have his birthday party?  I have no problem providing the food & decorations myself and I can totally pick up and throw away my own trash.  I live in a Houston suburb, if that helps, so I have most types of options available *somewhere* in the city.
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