i call myself cassandra in my head (shinygobonkers) wrote in thequestionclub,
i call myself cassandra in my head

For those of you who've tried both...

What kinds of foods, in your experience, taste noticeably better organic rather than regular? (Particularly regarding grocery store organic version, not farmers markets or such)

Which foods taste the same either way?

Are there foods that you have personally decided are worth paying more for the organic version of?

I usually don't buy organic stuff because it is more expensive, except for one brand of margarine spread because the organic version is vegan and non-organic either are not or taste weird...but got organic strawberries the other day because the regular had a whole bunch of visibly moldy ones in various cartons right there in the store and...the the organic ones were noticeably tastier to me... still probably won't pay $2 more for em though, lol.
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