the beginning and ending of everything (tryaswemight) wrote in thequestionclub,
the beginning and ending of everything

So I've had really bad stomach pains for about three months now. At first I thought it might be a dairy thing, so I cut that out but it didn't make a difference. The major symptom I've been having is the severe pain on my right side right below my boob. A couple of months ago I ended up in the ER because it was so painful I couldn't breathe, but after some tests they told me it was just a pulled oblique muscle. A week or so later I had what I thought was a panic attack (crazy pain in the middle of my chest, blurred vision, couldn't breathe well), but it could have actually been related to the pain as well. The more people I mention it to, the more it's been suggested that it might be my gallbladder. After some internet self-diagnosing, it appears that I have every typical symptom of gallstones/gallbladder attacks.
So I went to my doctor last week and he sent me for an abdominal ultrasound. They called me back yesterday to book a follow-up appointment, but 'there's no rush.' So I go back on the 21st.

What do you think my chances are that it's gallstones?
If it's not that, what else could it be?

DK/DC: Have you ever been winter camping?
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