Nynaeve Sedai (nynaeve_sedai) wrote in thequestionclub,
Nynaeve Sedai

Another Tech Question! Yay!!

Okay TQC, answer another one of my tech questions :D

I like to get my recipes online but having my laptop in the kitchen is a bit of a pain. I'd like a tablet or something that I could prop up in my kitchen while working on a recipe (also, I think it'd be handy to have while I'm nursing too as sometimes reading on my iPhone makes my eyes cross). An iPad would be WAY out of my league... but I was thinking maybe the Kindle Fire (the not HDX version - the one that's like $150. If the Paperwhite would do it, I'd be just as happy with that, but alas...)

Thoughts? Suggestions?

DK/DC - Do you use Pinterest and do you feel like it gets horribly disorganized? What do you pin mostly? When I started I just made boards willy-nilly but now I realize I can't find half of what I pinned and I really haven't pinned that much :P I'm thinking I must do a hardcore reorganization. I pin recipes, random crafty things (all on a board title "Crafts I'll Never Do" because I like to be self-aware and it's also a challenge. I'm weird), and funny pictures I find on the internet.
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