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Okay poll for you guys since a debate came up on a poll on my personal journal.

For the space of context this is regarding New York City (i.e. a high demand apartment housing location) in an excellent location public transporation wise.

You have two bedrooms.

One is large enough to hold a king size bed, a double door closet, as well as room for dressers, desks and other furniture. The windows face the backyard and it's adjacent to the bathroom.

The other bedroom is at the other end of the apartment, can fit a twin size bed in the room at MOST, lacks a closet and depending on how much space you'd want to be able to walk around in the room you'd have to choose carefully a desk and dresser for the room. Additionally, on the ground floor it's the room that faces the street, next to the front door of the building. So you can always hear everyone entering and leaving the building.

How do you think rent should be split in an apartment like this? 50/50? I'm thinking like at least 55/45 or 40/60 even considering the vast differences in the rooms. What would be your thoughts. I'm the one looking to rent a room in my apartment if you were wondering. And I'm trying to figure out which room I should rent, like if I should move into the smaller room and offer the larger room to someone so I could ask for a higher amount.

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