I am what I am and you can't do anything about it (shiori_hime) wrote in thequestionclub,
I am what I am and you can't do anything about it

I have this recipe for beef soup that calls for "gravy beef" to make the stock. I have never heard of gravy beef before and so far my attempts at Googling it have turned up lots of recipes for gravy and forum from Australia where people were talking about using gravy beef in casseroles.

What on Earth is "gravy beef?" If I can't find it for sale at the grocery store and the butchers there don't know what it is (which I think is highly likely), what could I use in its place? I've gotten the impression that it's supposed to be a cheaper cut of beef that's best used in recipes that require slow cooking, and also saw a reference to it being really fatty, but that's as far as I've gotten.
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