That Damn Broad (thatdamnbroad) wrote in thequestionclub,
That Damn Broad

What About This Rug?

I have this gorgeous Persian rug that was bought in Bahrain about 17 years ago. It traveled to England where it was in my mother-in-law's bedroom for a short time (and she was ill and living elsewhere for most of that time) and so it didn't get dirty or worn in any way. Then 15 years ago it was tightly rolled and sealed in plastic and shipped to America with my now-husband, where it landed in my back shed. It was never opened or unsealed in any way during all that time. I wasn't aware that I had a Persian wool rug from Bahrain with hand-knotted fringe and incredible patterns and colors in my shed all these years.

So our Alaskan Malamute got stuck under the shed and almost died ten days ago (it took the cops, Animal Control, the fire department and the EMTs to come out here and jack the shed up and get him out). So we had the shed demolished and my husband said, Oh, here's my mum's rug, want to see it or just throw it out? So we unwrapped it and it is simply gorgeous, in near-mint condition. I put it in my living room and it looks amazing. The feeling of it under my bare feet is awesome, and I'm going to love having this warm thick wool rug to walk on this winter when my feet are cold.

The only thing is, it has a musty smell in it. Not exactly a bad smell, just musty and my living room no longer smells right. This rug is way too big and heavy to hang up anywhere and air it. I've got a steam-cleaner but I'm afraid to use it because this is 100% virgin wool (as declared by the amazing trademark on the back of it) and I'm afraid the colors will bleed etc etc. I've been vacuuming it every day and trying to read up on what to do to get that smell out - some people say sprinkle baking soda, some people say don't do that because it will mat up the fibers, etc etc. I was kind of hoping the musty smell would just sort of gradually dissipate, but it hasn't yet and it's starting to bug me :/ I'm too cheap to have a professional come out here and deal with it (as yet, I might do that as a very last resort though).

What would you do, TQC?
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