mandy b (mistressmandoli) wrote in thequestionclub,
mandy b

Halloween Costume Ideas?

I want to dress up for Halloween this year, and I've had some ideas in my head... But I'm not sure what I can do, given the schedule I'm going to be facing.

Alarm - 7:30am

This is where I'll be getting ready to go out for the day. The only mellow time I get before I start the chaos.

Leave House - 8:45
1st Bus - 9:13
Transfer - 9:24

I have a med appointment (what kind of med appointment is not relevant) at 10:15. I'll be waiting around the building for 45 minutes prior. In order to get from the drop-off point to the building, I have to cross four lanes of traffic with a crosswalk - but no walk/don't walk signal.

2nd Bus - 11:41
Transfer - 12:01pm

Depending on when the appointment is over, I can hike down to another bus stop roughly a quarter/half mile down the street for a bus that arrives there twenty minutes afterward. I don't want to chance that, so I'll probably be waiting around the building. I have to pick up my meds after the appointment, so that kills some time. I can wait in a little shelter in front of the building right before the bus comes to the stop in the return trip, but I don't know if I want to sit outside for any longer than I have to.

I'm going to be heading from the transfer point to the nearby mall. I'll be eating a little lunch there (or dessert, or something) before I wait outside on a concrete bench to wait for the next bus.

3rd Bus - 1:23

This bus takes me to a college at roughly 2:00. I'll be waiting around for an hour and change.

1st Class - 3:30

This class lasts around 2:20 (hours and minutes), and will probably finish early. This is a TV/Production class. We should be working in the school's studio on this day. It's a hands-on kind of class.

I'll be waiting around the school for a little bit after this class lets out.

2nd Class - 7:00

This is English 101. Pretty simple class, and only lasts 1:35 (hours and minutes).

And I'll be home around 8:40, if everything works out.

So the question I'm asking is... What should I wear for Halloween? I live in New England (CT), so it'll be sort of cold - especially since I'll be outside for long periods of time. I also have to carry around a bag for my books. Please take those factors into consideration. Thanks!
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