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One of my friends is dating a guy and I just found out that said guy is also dating one of my cousins friends. Do I tell my friend? If so.. How?
If we wer eon good terms I would tell her right away but we are currently not speaking.. although I do still care about her, I think it is time for our friendship to end.

One of my 'best friends' has taken to not talking to me.
She is mad that I am friends with a girl she doesn't like/ is just being quite childish so I'm avoiding. She has just been treating me like dirt lately and I'm over it.

She is in a new relationship (one month or so) and constantly refers to this guy as her boyfriend. She drops the word boyfriend at every possible chance... and has told everyone she will be going home with him for XMAS. Their relationship consists of him coming over after work (he works at a bar so that is 12-2am) and leaving when she goes to work. They have been on ONE actual date which was dinner and ended back at her place.
K fine, whatever I was happy for her (Honestly happy, because she has wanted a relationship forever). Then last night I get a message that my cousins school mate is dating him as well. (he plays for our local pro football team so that's how it came up because he was leaving for a game today). Apparently it has been about the same amount of time and he gives her tickets to football games and such / stays there quite often. It is definitely the same guy and the girl isn't making it up.

Do I tell my friend? I feel that I should as I WAS her best friend... but at the same time, I feel as though I don't owe her anything. I was about to text her to meet up so I could but looking at previous texts angered me. I can't help but feel that it is karma. She said to me and my other friend "well I don't need you guys. T is here for me" and bam.. now this.
This girl is quite unstable in relationships. She falls hard and fast and refers to guys are her boyfriend by date 2. She is an adult (25) so it is really quite sad and always ends in heartbreak. If I tell her he is sleeping with this other girl she will be devastated and I feel like it will break her completely. She will also probably ask me for the girls name and then try to attack her via fb. Her last relationship was with a man who was ENGAGED.. and she showed up at the fiancee's moms house. She just doesn't make great decisions.
As much as I want to say the guy is a douche... I have a feeling he thinks it is a completely casual thing, my friend just assumes that sex means a relationship.

Her instagram/fb are now full of quotes about how happy she is to be in love and how she is with such a great guy blah blah.. and it breaks my heart. If I tell her I know she will hold it againsed me and probably say "you're just jealous" but she deserves to know. I know I would like to know.

Do I tell her?
Help :(
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