Take this big ribbon off my eyes... (mocking0jay) wrote in thequestionclub,
Take this big ribbon off my eyes...

How emotionally sensitive are you? I find people's rudeness really offensive and *almost* get my feelings hurt, or at least find stuff hard to quit thinking about.

Like earlier, there was a vehicle broken down in the right lane of traffic, so it was all being merged into the left lane. I had my signal on to get over, and cars wouldn't move, so I slowed down even more. Then this Mercedes driver starts slowing down more and putting space between her and the car in front of her, so I think she's trying to let some people over. Seeing this as my opportunity, I sped up and starting merging over (there were like 2 car lengths in between, and they were moving about 10 mph or less). Well, this woman in the Mercedes clearly starts to speed up to close the gap, once I'm already merging in the lane. Then she starts blowing her horn at me like crazy. She was purposely trying NOT to let me over, when I thought right the opposite.

Then I pull off to get some lunch in a local grocery store deli, and the 2 deli ladies are talking. I walk up to the deli counter and apparently interrupt their convo, so this young lady walks behind the deli and just stares at me from behind the counter and doesn't even speak. Then tries to make me feel like an idiot when I ask what comes on the meat and vegetable plates (since there's no sign with meals/what you can order/how many sides/prices etc). I really hate when people act like you are inconveniencing them by expecting them to do their job.

Am I extra sensitive?

Are you sensitive too?

Does rudeness (especially from someone supposed to be providing a service for you) bother you or are you able to shrug it off and not think much of it?

When was the last time you had to deal with someone's rudeness?
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