RS (rainbowstevie) wrote in thequestionclub,

Mystery shirt

Can you tell me where this shirt is from? Or can someone at least translate the washing instructions*? Or direct me to another comm that might have a better chance of identifying it?

click for double size

I bought this shirt at Savers, but only after I got home did I see that the washing instructions were in some kind of foreign characters.
The brand is "Lierli," but googling that produces nothing, unless I'm just...reading it wrong? It is annoying me to have an unrecognized brand.

Close-up on label in case you are more visual. The little heart has "Gucci" in cursive on it.

And what is it made out of?? Or at the very least...which language is this?
*Google says the symbols appear to mean "do not bleach, dry clean, moderate iron," but not sure exactly what the shirt on the hanger means. Suppose it's not relevant if you can't get it wet. you think the "dry clean" part is there for a reason other than "because the non-detachable metal chain would screw up your machine," or would it be OK to handwash? (I'd rather not risk it if unsure, but just wondering)
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