Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Read the question first so you don't check the wrong ones

You're on a first date. You met the other person online. They seem nice enough and attractive enough, but you're still feeling each other out. Your date tells you that he/she has been home most of the day, waiting for the date. While talking, you notice something about their appearance that may count against them. Overall, they're decent, not extraordinary, and they contain a notable flaw. Which of these physical/personal flaws would be large enough for you to refuse a second date? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that you could overlook this flaw, that it wouldn't be critical enough to stop dating this person who you met online

Is about 30lbs heavier than their online photo indicated
Has body odor. You detect no scent of deodorant/perfume/cologne, so they didn't even try to smell good for your first date
You detect the smell of marijuana on your date
You detect the smell of cigarette on your date
You suspect your date is drunk. You arrived at the restaurant first, interestingly enough
You see a hole in their shirt, by the armpit. There's also a small hole near their crotch. Apparently, your date has no qualms about wearing clothes that are falling apart
He/she is wearing a promise ring, and a bracelet with the words CELIBACY on it
He/she is wearing a WWJD bracelet. Wants to say grace before the meal, so the bracelet is not ironic
Is wearing not only cheap-looking, Payless tennis shoes, but they're dirty
Pants have a dried food stain. Shirt has a grease stain. Your date didn't even put on clean clothes to meet you
Is wearing sunglasses indoors
He/she rode a bicycle to your date. Admits that he/she doesn't own a car
Dirty fingernails. Hair looks dirty, limp. Your date doesn't appear to have bathed before meeting you
If your date is a guy, he has a high, feminine voice. If it's a girl, she has a husky, deep, manly voice
The arm of their coat slides up, and you notice a forearm tattoo of the Twilight cover art. He/she seemed to have tried to hide it from you
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