Kayley (saloonperfume) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dear god, please help me do things.

So my bf and I just moved into our new place, and we're trying to hang some artwork and other things. The walls are a very hard, pain-in-the-ass plaster that's hard to nail/drill into, so we've been trying to use command strips (that are supposedly supposed to hold 16 lbs), but they aren't working. Everything we've hung has fallen down, no matter how many strips we've used. A very nice, expensive piece that had been hanging just fine for a month just fell from the wall yesterday, knocking stuff off a table below, and breaking glass and stuff everywhere. How can we hang these damn things? Is there something better than command strips out there? Some other magical secret to adhering shit to walls?

I am not a handy woman at all :(
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