Giovana (giovanna_br) wrote in thequestionclub,

yes it was only for the sex.

So the jerk just DUMPED me like TRASH! Been seeing this guy for about 2-3 months and we only see each other in middle of the week or frydays, and it was almost always in his place,  and well of course i wasnt happy about that, so we kinda talked last week I and asked him nicely what his deal, what's the problem.

Well now he just disappeared COMPLETELY, I whatsapp him yesterday and he IGNORED ME. really I'm feeling like crap, fuck him,  I dont deserve a reply??? I never been treated that way, I wasused and thrown away like a cheap whore, like a nobody, never been more humiliated in my life! And it's not like I'm a psyco who is always calling him or texting him, I barely call him!! I'm so mad i wish I could yell at him "WHO DO U THINK U ARE asshole, just be a man and say u are not interested or u have a girlfriend or something like that " but that would be only more humiliation right???

I'm mad with me too, cause Idk besides the weekend thing (actually he always had some excuse like (on call on hospital, trips with his parents, etc) and not taking me out he looked like a REALLY nice guy u know, kinda nerd, intelligent, we talked about a lot of thing,  first date we have dinner he was a gentleman, we only have sex after 3 or 4 dates idk, sure after that we always had sex but thats's the normal thing couples do no??? It didnt look like it was ONLY about sex.

 I was starting like him a lot and right now I'm feeling like a piece of shit, worst I cant do anyhting about it, can I?
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