Eric (kingeryck) wrote in thequestionclub,

car insurance dispute

In January, I was leaving the grocery store parking lot. I stopped, looked left, right, left and turned left using my blinker. All of a sudden some dude is to the right of me blasting his horn. I didn't hit him but he swerved and supposedly bumped the curb and damaged something. Insurance found me at fault. I paid a fee to dispute that ruling and I'm going to the DMV to state my case this afternoon. I don't feel I'm at fault. I stopped and looked and thought I was safe. I don't know if he was speeding and got closer than I thought he would or if he was in my blind spot from the support between the door and windshield or what. I don't remember what I saw only that it was safe, or so I thought. What should I say? I know I shouldn't say I'm not sure what happened of course.

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