hikerpoet (hikerpoet) wrote in thequestionclub,

Where would I sell this?

My in-laws are hoarders. Like the kind you see on those TV shows. One thing that seems to be a common trait with hoarders, is while they don't want to get rid of stuff in general, for some reason they are okay giving it to family.

We've received dozens upon dozens of boxes of random shit. We've tried to scale back on the enabling and looking into ways to best be supportive.

But anyway, the trope is that many excuse holding on to stuff by saying "it'll be worth a lot someday". Most of it isn't. We've helped dispose of broken science fair project frames, bags of individual holey socks, and much more. Most stuff we've trashed, recycled, or donated.

But a few of the things? DO seem to be worth a lot. We received this enormous box of about 800 figurines, looked a few up, and some seem to be worth thirty or forty dollars each.
Even we were surprised once when they gave us a shitload of old board games. One was one for U.S. Presidents. We said, "Given how long they hold onto things, which president do you think this ends on?". Our guess of Johnson was wrong. It stopped at Eisenhower! After saying it was just a bit out of date we did decide to see what it was worth. Apparently quite a lot!
And much more.

Don't worry, we're not in danger of becoming hoarders ourselves. But we do feel we shouldn't leave some of this just on the curb. We're not looking to profit off their disorder and would likely give/share any profits with them (although probably without saying where it came from so as not to encourage them)

We don't know a lot about this stuff. What is our best bet? Get into it and learn eBay? Is there someone like an estate sale planner but for a smaller (but still decent sized) stash? Go to an antique shop?

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