Womb (kill_inhibition) wrote in thequestionclub,

What things do you do for someone you love that you'd really rather not?

I'm trying to be interested in League of Legends for my husband and it's just so hard. I know he wants me to share in his hobby and interest now and again, so I try but I can never get into it. I know the basics of the game/have played it...just not into it at all. It's frustrating for both of us because he wants to share this thing he loves with me and I sometimes feel obligated to suffer through it. I'm thinking of getting secret lessons from his friends and then surprising him with my playing skills but...even thinking of committing to such a thing makes me cringe.

Today I was just looking at my daughter and got so emotional. I just love her so much and it made me so happy to know she's mine. I feel the same way about her twin brother and older brother but today she was definitely the star!

Will you post a picture of a loved one and gush about them?! (Can be a pet if you prefer)


Yes, she's sleeping on a changing pad, but we use it exclusively for naps and it's totally clean! It's smaller than a playpen and slides under the couch, it works for us.

What's making you happy right now!? 
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