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I Got Keyed!

I have limited funds and my friends and SO were not much help. Car stuff under the cut.

After years of driving used cars, I was finally able to buy my first new car in July. Imagine my disgust when I came out to the parking lot at work yesterday to find that someone had keyed my car from the back fender all he way up to the driver's side door! I'm very upset that the so called "security guards" just smirked and said there was nothing they could do and that if I called the police, they'd laugh at me, too.

So, I went home and fumed, not knowing what else to do. Later, some of my friends that I talked to said the scratch could be buffed out but I don't know how to do that. The dealer were I bought the car as well as Maaco want $300 to fix it and that's not an opiton right now.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could fix this myself? Are those Pro-pens for fixing scratches any good? The paint is called shimmering silver if that helps.

Any suggestions, srs or not, would be appreciated.
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