Nynaeve Sedai (nynaeve_sedai) wrote in thequestionclub,
Nynaeve Sedai

Unfair Charge?

I had my baby in July. I ended up being a hospital transfer and spending one night at the local hospital. No big deal (although big $$).

I just got a bill showing a charge for the nursery. I've already been billed for my room and my baby didn't go to the nursery except for about twenty minutes for the hearing test. Everything else, shots, etc were done in my room so I could nurse him after. They billed my insurance $2k, leaving me just under $400 (for one night!). I don't have a lot of money, I'm already making payments on my portion, and I'm a little irritated that I'm being billed for something I didn't use.

I called the biller and she said it was "reserved space in case I wanted it" to which I replied that it sounded a lot like the hospital padding their bill. This is a large hospital (plenty of space) and they aren't a hotel where they have a planned occupancy rate based on people making reservations. She said she'd call back with more info. I'm trying to think of any situation where this is a legit charge and I can't come up with one (and I don't accept "Well that's just what the hospital does" - in the US, hospitals are notorious for overcharging and for charging for every little thing they can get away with).

Tips on disputing this charge?

My insurance company has a health care advocate I might turn to. I'm also considering negotiating, telling them, "Hey, you have the $$ from my insurance company, let's just forget my part and call it even." I'd hate my options to come down to going to collections or shelling out $400 :(
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