claddaghemerald (claddaghemerald) wrote in thequestionclub,

Long story short; I borrowed a tripod from a friend. Tripod case, I noticed, is slightly ripped along the seam in one place and the material would not be able to be re-sewn. I noticed it the first time I used it, so I likely did not rip it since I borrowed it (this time)...however, I had borrowed it for about several months before giving it back and know in the small time he had it again he probably didn't use it-thus it most probably being me who broke it.

I am in a terrible financial situation-my husband has lost his job and we really only have enough to get by right now, and only for so long.

What do I do when he asks for it back? Tell him about the issue but tell him I can't offer to buy him a new one? Tell him I can buy him a new one in the distant, unforeseeable future? I'm so conflicted and I feel horrible about it.
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