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Is it Weird?

(Inspired by a previous post)

TW: Discussion of parents and sex

It's pretty much a "trope" both in life and in entertainment that people get all comically grossed out about thinking of their parents having sex, or thinking about the fact that their parents know they're sexually active. But what's the reality, TQC?

Do you get uncomfortable thinking about the fact that your parents have a sex life?

Do you think it's unhealthy to speculate about how conservative or not their sex life is?

Do you think it's intrinsically inappropriate for parents to speak about their sex life in front of their (let's say late teen, onward) children in an honest but non-graphic manner (think, partner asking partner to pick up a box of condoms, or making a comment that they're looking forward to being alone tonight while the kids are at a sleepover versus "I can't wait to get you in bed and ... blah blah blah.")

If you had "the talk" with your parents, did you/do you find it very difficult? Do you talk to either parent today about sex?

Do you think it's weird for a parent to be supportive of their (age-appropriate) sexually active off-spring's sexuality (like buying a subscription of Playboy as a gift or tossing a box of condoms into the cart for them while on a routine shopping trip)?

ETA:: My reason for asking these questions, and (subsequently) my answers are here. Thanks for everyone's thoughts.
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