American rhymes with (colbertican) wrote in thequestionclub,
American rhymes with

Medication question!!

I'm taking Bactrim right now for a UTI, and I've got one more day of being on it (one tablet, twice a day. the doctor didn't specify at which times to take it). However, my roommate is having a party tomorrow night, and I'd like to be able to drink, but can't if i'm on antibiotics.  If I took my first dosage VERY early in the morning this morning, and the second at about noon/early afternoon, would it be alright if I took one dose tonight and one in the morning? would that work? This is kind of a dumb question. Essentially, how long does it take the drug to go through my system and how long after my last dose would I have to wait to drink?

dk/dc: Is there something/someone on your nerves right now? what is it?
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