charuby (charuby) wrote in thequestionclub,

Bit of a weird question...

Last Wednesday I made a pasta sauce from scratch. I used a fresh garlic, and used three cloves from it. I've handled fresh garlic many times before and the scent usually lingers on my hands for about a day. I don't mind the smell. Usually. But this is driving me mad because it's now Tuesday night, and the garlic smell on my left hand is still as strong as it was on Wednesday! The smell went from my right hand after just a couple of hours. I don't understand it. I used both hands quite regularly to prepare the garlic. The smell has survived four showers, a numerous amount of hand washes, and being doused in lemon juice and vinegar. It just won't go away!

Why is my left hand still stinking of garlic after 6 days? What can I do to make it go away? Why has the scent gone from my right hand, but not my left?

I'm preparing another pasta sauce on Thursday, but I'm cheating and using pre-diced garlic because I don't want to use a fresh garlic. Do you think using a jar of pre-diced garlic (preserved in a mild vinegar) will impare the flavour?
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