Bill (mycroftholmes) wrote in thequestionclub,

FWB at my wedding?

I have a female friend who I'll call "Sarah" who used to be local, now lives several states away, and was, for a time, a friend "with benefits." That ended when she started seeing someone seriously and there's no awkwardness between us.

I also started seeing someone seriously and that person and I are now engaged and we're making wedding plans. For pictures, I immediately thought of Sarah as she is a good photographer who is working on building a photography business. Without thinking about it, I asked Sarah if she'd like to do our photos and she replied "I was hoping you'd ask! :D :D :D :D :D"

It has since occurred to me that most of my friends (groomsmen) probably know that Sarah and I were shagging for a while.

So.... is this a bad idea? My fiance knows that Sarah and I are friends, but should I let her know how far that friendship went to see if she's still comfortable with Sarah doing the pictures? Should I ask my friends if they think it's weird?

I mean, if the roles were reversed, it wouldn't bother me unless the two were flirting.
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