Womb (kill_inhibition) wrote in thequestionclub,

So last night I was in emerge with my twins (again) and it was late when we finally got seen (around 2am).
My kids had thrown up all over their blankets by that time but luckily there were two more receiving blankets and one of my 4 year old's sweaters in the car. I gave one blanket to the mom sitting beside me who mentioned how cold it was in there (her kid was sleeping on the chairs but he was shivering) and used the sweater and the other blanket for my kids.

It was really annoying to see all these little kids cold at night. I want to make tie blankets (maybe 50) for the hospital to leave in the cubby shelving unit (where they keep the odd kids book) for any parent who doesn't have a blanket available, either because the kids puked all over it or they forgot in their rush to come to the hospital.

Would a hospital accept something like this? How would I go about making the offer?

If they wouldn't want to clean them, I'd be willing to pick the blankets up, wash them at a laundromat and bring them back (not daily but every few days). It really sucked to see so many sick shivering kids (mostly older so the parents might not immediately think to bring a blanket) at 1am. :( 
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