devolute (devolute) wrote in thequestionclub,

In NYC for 2 days, what should I do?

I'm going to be in Manhattan late tomorrow (Saturday) through early evening on Monday. I'm looking for suggestions on more obscure things I can do, and particularly architecture, urban design and general design related things. I've toured the city and visited some of the major museums (MoMA, Guggenheim, Met, Natural History, Folk Art RIP) on previous trips. Anything really interesting built since 2010 that I should check out? Definitely want to visit the new FDR Four Freedoms park, considering also checking out Brooklyn Bridge Park, and I've never been to the Brooklyn museum. Considering visiting the 9/11 memorial.

If I don't come up with a lot of awesome stuff, I'll be trying to get matinee Broadway tickets, probably in the TKTS line. (I'm seeing Avenue Q in the evening).

I was told by a starchitect that if I could make it to NY this summer, I should definitely check out the current exhibits at the MoMA (don't recall which ones) and the Turrell exhibit at the Guggenheim, but I've been to both museums twice before and feel like maybe it won't be worth it? I've always wanted to see a Turrell installation, but I heard his show at the Guggenheim is a bit chintzy.

HELP???? What are your favorite things to do in NY, TQC?
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