Kayley (saloonperfume) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, help me do grown-up things!

So my boyfriend and I just moved into a duplex. It's an older but super cute house- built in the 1950s. I guess the gas hasn't been on in here since the last tenants left, and we were going to try doing without to save money but these ice-cold showers are becoming intolerable. Basically, I just want to get the gas turned on, and I know I can arrange it online- but my mother is mentioning something about the pilot light and other stuff, and the stove is currently out of commission leaving the gas pipe open and bare in the kitchen wall. Which gets me thinking, is there anything I have to do besides just arrange to start the gas service? Like...do I have to do anything with the hot water tank thing, the pilot light, gas isn't going to just start pouring through that open pipe, right?

I'm sorry, I know I probably sound so dumb but I've never done anything with gas before, just electric, and I guess my bf has only ever lived in places where the gas was already up and running..
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