enjoyliving (enjoyliving) wrote in thequestionclub,

work dilemmas

there's this coworker... a lot of us eat lunch together and she comes along. fine. she is fairly difficult to deal with - she lacks the understanding of many social norms so it's just difficult to have a conversation with her. it's so bad that our former boss even paid for some classes at a local community college to help her. she rudely interrupts or talks really loudly over someone else who is currently talking. what i really have a problem with is that she talks with her mouth full. there have literally been bits of food that came out of her mouth. one landed on my friend's cheek. it's just gross. you know how kids talk with their mouths full, totally oblivious to the fact that it's gross? that's her.

would it be terrible of me to say something about it? it's really unappetizing. i just want to enjoy my lunch! changing lunch times and locations is not an option (we work in education). if i shouldn't say anything, what should i do?

does anyone else have any work problems?
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