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Do any pet owners here have experience with neutering a male cat?

My cat is not recovering from being neutered and I'm getting really worried.. it seems like this is a bad reaction, and judging from what I've googled tonight, it's worse than what is generally expected for a male cat.

I brought him to the vet to be neutered nearly 42 hours ago. I've never neutered a male cat before. I estimate he is between 2-3 years of age. It's hard to tell because I only started feeding him and then he started coming inside my window and now he's my cat. He's probably drank two teaspoons of water since he got back from the vets - and that's in the last 12 hours. I didn't know what to expect, but this is so much worse than what I thought. He refuses food, and I've had to deliver him water, but considering he's been sick four times now, the last only moments ago, maybe I shouldn't even be giving him water. But really, this means he's gone 68 hours + without food, and hardly any water. I am really worried that something will happen and it'll be my fault.

I rang the vet the last time he got sick, about 8 hours ago. The vet said it was very unusual. Actually, I felt the vet was a bit dismissive, even though Google tells me it's not meant to go this way. The vet said to bring him in in the morning if it continues.

I don't really know what to do. I'm really worried and he has been so lethargic.. He's barely moved since he got back. The only times were to get sick. He's had two bowel movements and I think has peed twice, but I don't know if those are positive or negative signs. I thought positive at first, but maybe not seeing as he still won't eat.

I want to ask is my cat dying but I won't be so dramatic and just ask.. does anyone have any advice or similar experiences?

I know there probably aren't vets reading this, but I feel a bit useless and I don't want my cat to be suffering like this.
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