Sweetparamour (sweetparamour) wrote in thequestionclub,

Housemate drama.

Quick question for advice.

My friend(australian female) has been sleeping with my other friend (American male) for six months now, for some of which they lived together, and always said it was not serious because she was a "traveller"

She has now chosen to stay in America for educational reasons and is continuing to sleep with other men whilst being with my friend in an undisclosed relationship.

She says it won't hurt him because bigger things have happened, referring to when her dad died.
She always says this has changed her perspective on life, however I keep trying to explain to her that people she uses may not have the same perspective as they have not experienced the same life altering circumstances.

Is it wrong of me to feel protective of my guy friend who is now madly in love with her and wants her to move in with him?
Is it even worse of me to be concerned about living with her when she brings random guys home every week?

Don't get me wrong, I've been wild in the past. But she will meet a guy and have him back here in less none five minutes. Not a joke. I literally mean that.
The latest dry humped my leg before I explained I was taken and then an hour later was glued to her face.

I adore her, she is bright and vivacious, but I worry she will hurt anyone who gets close to her.
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