Womb (kill_inhibition) wrote in thequestionclub,

I booked a cabin for my husbands birthday months ago. I was required to give a non-refundable deposit to hold it (half of the price for the weekend) and I also gave the damage deposit (though was not required to hold the cabin). We were supposed to go on Saturday.

My twins are both really sick. I've spent 10 hours in emergency with my son in the last two days. My daughter hasn't been feeling well but only showed signs it was getting worse today. My son should be on the mend soon but my daughter is getting worse and it's unlikely they'll be good enough by the time the weekend comes.

I emailed the guy and told him our situation. He said that the deposit is not refundable and he is keeping the damage deposit too if he can't find anyone to take the cabin because he could have made that amount of money off someone else. The damage deposit is $200.

Is he allowed to do that or is he only allowed to keep the deposit to hold the reservation? 
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