Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Superpowers poll

You're given a superpower. The ability to magically heal. Any disease, any ailment, any condition. They're healed the next day, so you can use this power inconspicuously if you wanted. There's no limit per healings per day, but there is a price to pay. For every 20 people you heal, you must take the life of 1 person. For you, it's easy. You just look at them and mentally push a button, and the next day, they don't wake up, so you're never a suspect. You can do this with people on tv too. So, you could kill 100 people, and heal 2,000. Also, the credit you get per kill doesn't expire, so you could whack the serial rapist who's shown on the news and just save the 20 heals for yourself whenever you need it. How often would you use this power?

All the time. I'd be offing drug dealers and other criminals and healing kids with cancer and stuff. I'd maybe off 100 people a year
Often. I'd do what I could to help, but I have a life. Maybe a few dozen dead each year because of me
Here and there. Only if I knew someone who needed it. I may kill a few people a year
Rarely. I plan on killing 1 person, and I'd better like you a lot to use a heal on you
I'd never use this power. It's just wrong

You're given a superpower. The power of teleportation! You can teleport anywhere in the world. You don't even have to know the layout beforehand. Your power lands you within a foot of the nearest solid object, so you'll never materialize inside a wall, let's say. You can look at a picture and teleport to that spot. Otherwise, just picture the image in your head. The only drawback is that each time you 'jump', 1 day of your life gets removed, so if you teleport 30 times, you'll die 30 days sooner than you would normally (whenever that may be). How often would you use this power?

All the time. I'd be teleporting to and from work, all over the world for dinner and siteseeing, etc. I'll worry about the loss of days some other time
Often. I wouldn't use it frivolously on normal commuting, but I'd travel all over the world
Here and there. Just for well-planned vacation trips. No more than one trip (to and back) every season
Rarely. Maybe once a year, if at all. It's not worth losing some life over
I'd never use this power

You're given the Green Lantern ring! You can make anything with your thoughts, depending on your willpower. The only thing is, every time you use this power, the flashy Green Lantern costume appears on your body, regardless of how insignificant the action may be. So, pretty much it's hard to keep a low profile when you're out in public. How would you use this ring?

I'd become a superhero
I'd become a supervillain
I'd use the ring whenever I wanted. Who cares what other people think?
I'd only use this ring when I was alone. No one must see
I'd never use this power.
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