Emily (amalius) wrote in thequestionclub,

hair dye questions

So in October, I will be going to Orlando from the 15th through the 19th to do Universal Studios + Halloween Horror Nights. I have brown hair right now, and I was wanting to dye it a bright red (think Ariana Grande on Victorious red, if that reference helps) on the 12th (when my leave starts), and then dying it back to brown 11 days later, on the 22nd (as that is my last day of leave and the day before I go back to work).

I know that it will be damaging to my hair, but I'm not too concerned about some damage. I'm just wondering if anybody knows how bad the damage will be - will dying it twice in such a short time frame damage it to the point of, say, falling out and looking like complete shit? Or can I get away with just using a bunch of hair treatments like keratin and such and my hair be okay?

I hope this question makes sense, it's late and I'm a little out of it so please let me know if the above sounds more like nonsense rambling then a question.
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