Nänlchen (poinsley) wrote in thequestionclub,

A friend/family member's book

Imagine you are reading a book written by a friend or relative, someone you feel close to, that they sent to you as a Word document. You are the only one who they can get to read it, and they have you making electronic comments on the file. They told you they want any suggestions that you have. As you are looking through it, you see quite clearly that they are telling and not showing. So many things that could be pivotal scenes over many pages are simply short paragraphs. As a consequence, your suggestion to them is going to be to completely rewrite the book with the current book as the plot guide. You can already tell this after one chapter

In this case, would you keep reading what they have done already to comment on style, etc, or would you send what you already have done? (Keeping in mind that if they do rewrite, any specific style suggestions are going to be useless)
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