cager79 (cager79) wrote in thequestionclub,

My dad has some rental properties that I manage for him since he lives out of state. He came in to town recently and while he was here he signed up new renters for one of the properties. One of the relatives of the tenant does home construction type work, and dad made an informal arrangement with him to make some repairs on the rental house. The contractor is incredibly difficult to get a hold of, he hardly ever answers the phone or returns calls even if I leave a message. He recently started on a project and I had not been able to get a hold of him about it until he needed to exchange a part (he is only doing the labor, we are buying and delivering any materials he needs). When I finally was able to talk to him I asked him how much he was wanting to do the work. He told me, and I didn't really agree to anything and at that point he had already started the work. I had tried numerous times to get a hold of him, and even asked the tenant to have him call me which he never did. There was no conversation of him telling me "I will do X work for Y amount of money" and me saying yes or no, he just took it on himself to start working and then told me later how much he was charging. How do I tell him that what he is asking for is almost double what I am willing to pay him when he has already done most of the work?
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