Melanie (melontree) wrote in thequestionclub,

I just found out that my sister-in-law (my little brother's common-law gf of 5 years) is checking herself into a treatment centre for 2 months to deal with her depression and anxiety. She has been struggling with it for the past few years and keeps being put off work by a doctor. When she told me (via Facebook chat), I started crying. I didn't tell her, of course, but I feel like a weirdo for crying over it.

The last few weeks have been intense, from my kitten getting random lesions on her back, to my husband's work causing him so much grief and crappyness that we're looking at uprooting our lives and moving back to Canada 2 years earlier than originally planned. (which means finding of a house, jobs, cars, etc)

What made you cry last? Do you cry often?

I don't usually cry easily, so I was kind of shocked when it just happened. I'm chocking it up to the last few weeks being so intense and all the ups and downs.

Do you know anyone who ever went to a treatment facility for mental health? How did it go for them?

DK/DC - What are your plans this fine morning/afternoon?

I'm heading to the pet store for cat food, and then to find some fun/tasty items to send to my sis-in-law and little brother as care packages. We live in Italy so I can find them a lot of fun foods that they can't get in Canada. Plus, they will be apart for the entire 2 months and I know it will be hard on them both.
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