mylittlerants (mylittlerants) wrote in thequestionclub,

SO. I graduated from college last year and for a graduation present, my mom told me that I would be receiving a Macbook since my profession would be dealing with photoshop and many other image editing software. I have to go to the library and use my boyfriend's university ID and pw to use photoshop but now he is graduating and we are moving out of town and using my boyfriend's laptop is nice, but I don't want to download a bunch of things onto his computer since it's not mine to begin with. Plus, I would be using a lot of time on his computer which is not fair for him.

Basically, it would be nice if my mom didn't fall through with her word, or at least said something so I wouldn't be left wondering. I would completely understand if she couldn't.  I am not making much money and am currently saving to fall back on when we move, so I cannot contribute all of my savings for a Macbook. I have been understanding because she got laid off but was hired again last year making decent money, but not money to suddenly drop $1,000 on, so I have been looking on places like craigslist and there are Macbooks going for decent prices.

How do I go about asking my mom, a year after graduation, if she is still going to purchase one for me? I don't want to be pushy but it did kind of hurt my feelings, mainly because she did not mention anything about it after talking about it for two weeks. The subject kind of just got dropped without any closure. 
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